One Piece Episode 744 English Subbed

  Title:  No Way Out! Admiral Fujitora's Ruthless Pursuit!

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  • Jayquan Phifer

    Shit just got real luffy just upgraded big time.

    • Joey White Boy Kay

      on some real shit. i cant wait a whole nother 7 days to see this episode >.> such a long wait. its gonna be hella awesome. and sanji and the rest dont even know bout this yet. nor do any of his enemies. this is big! ^_^

  • Lesa

    I remember reading a post on tumblr a few years back where someone said that they would love if, that in the last episode of one piece Luffy would have thousands of members and be pirate king. I remember imagining that and thinking the same thing, having so many fleets like whitebeard and roger did. I got chills when I realized what they were implying in this episode. I hope Luffy agrees, especially since he will need it fighting the emperors (haven’t caught up with the manga yet so I have no clue where this is going so far)

    • Jayquan Phifer

      He did agree the next episode sneak peak basically confirmed it.

      • Cee Woh

        would of been better still if you didnt say it though

    • Cee Woh

      makes you wonder whether roger had allies

      • berniemacsgreatesthi

        What do you think of Ace and did you know he’s a idiot?

        • Cee Woh

          what do you mean exactly?

          • berniemacsgreatesthi

            I’m glad you asked! Everybody seems to be forgetting everything Luffy went through to save his “brother” Ace. Now please correct me if I’m wrong, but when Luffy and Ace were running towards the ships that magma admiral starting talking crap about Whitebeard causing Ace to challenge the admiral only to be killed. So everybody who died trying to save Ace that all was in vain because he wasn’t man enough to shallow his pride because that magma admiral guy knew they beat him they were way ahead of him and all he could do was talk.

          • Cee Woh

            Well i think the best thing to say to that ace is human, I mean we can all relate to it and think maybe thats how we should look at it. We can all relate in that there’s been a time where we got a head of ourselves, blinded from the main point. Unfortunately that was the case for ace, granted, he should of listened to his mates was his downfall as you said. We could try to understand that his feelings and gratitude for whitebeard was too much that he just couldn’t let it be unfortunately.

          • berniemacsgreatesthi

            But that’s like giving him a full pardon for his actions 🙁

  • Elia Morhej

    those retarded dressrosa civilians tho, they don’t understand a single thing.