One Piece Episode 769 English Subbed

  Title:  A Red Stone! A Guide to the One Piece

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  • Jayquan Phifer

    Seems they found one part of one piece.

    • Randy Dacquel Riambon

      yeah the problem is the first poneglift is moving so how comes that this last island is going to be on the center of this 4 poneglift

      • René Hofer

        Because the red poneglift are refering to the locations of the four Islands from where they have to pinpoint Raftel. The islands with the red ponrglift don’t matter for Raftel’s location.

  • Randy Dacquel Riambon

    yeah the problem is the first poneglift is moving so how comes that this last island raftel is going to be on the center of this 4 poneglift

    • zenzen abi

      they meant the place that the poneglyph was referring to, not the poneglyph itself

    • Pirate Hunta

      The stones give directions to certain other islands

  • James Dane Pagangpang

    from my own point of view the maybe, just maybe this cat and dog and rayleigh and in the fishman island and sky island the one with horse and also the guy with the whale in the grandline entrance and the chef in baratie and eagle guy in arabasta they’re all part of rogers pirate crew after they reached the raftel and finishedtheir adventure they all go to different location with rogers perspective to help the pirates era to revive thats why roger sacrifice his life and his crew didnt do anything but to do their part as roger wish and guard or go to a certain place where the to ensure the next one will get to raftel is a worthieth person thats why they let robin read the red poneyglips, i also think the dog and cat know where the other location of red poneyglips and the raftel they just didnt want to let strawhat crew get their without adventure…. just sayin

  • Evan Zablocki

    Did they just put One Piece into it’s finishing phase, could it be possible they’re only five islands left in the whole show?!

  • Pirate Hunta

    Is robin the only one we know of that could read the stones?
    Robin is real important to anyone looking to be pirate King

  • MrBeatboxer

    thats coo nobody catch watch luffy chopper said discribing naruto lmao

  • nick

    lol luffy watches too much naruto